Thursday, July 30, 2009

December 4, 2008 {Johannesburg - Durban}

Let's talk about our experience in the Johannesburg airport:

We had to collect our luggage to transfer to our flight to Durban. Seven people, locating and finding 14 bags is quite the sight! It took three wheeled carts. It was fun. We had nothing to claim which made immigration a bit easier. They were actually quite abrupt and rude, but we made it through without incident. Our transition to our next check-in gate was fairly smooth. If you call total chaos with 7 people, 14 bags and 3 carts "smooth." We were quite the sight to see.

We made it to our check-in counter (after a few friendly arguments on the advantages/disadvantages of taking our wheeled carts on the elevator vs. the escalator -- for the record, 1 cart went up the elevator, 2 carts went up the escalator).

We have been traveling for over 24 hours now. I am feeling coated with airplane air and grime. Looking forward to our arrival in Durban.

We are on our flight to Durban now.

Major excitement!

First of all ... I am sitting by a woman who lives in D.C., and she is escorting a group of Nepali diplomats to visit South Africa. Had a wonderful talk with her and the work she does. Also, a woman with a yellow lab guide dog came on and the airlines only had 1 seat for her. She threw a FIT! Man. It was awesome. Yelling, making a scene ... INSISTING that her dog have a seat to his own. Our flight is JAMMED ... but after some shuffling around of some very nice people, they found two seats for her. The best/worst part was the entire fight/confrontation was directly over Jodie's head. You should have seen her face. Priceless. Poor thing.

As if that wasn't enough entertainment (before we even left the ground I may add), when one of the flight attendants asked the people in the exit row if they would listen to the emergency procedure, one dude said, "No." He told her he's heard it a "million times." ReAlLy?!? Note to self: don't exit on HIS side of the plane! What a jerk.

We are now taxing to the runway. Prayers for a smooth, peaceful flight from here-on-out.


marisabutterworth said...

I LOVE reading your stories. Please keep them coming.

Kelly M said...

Oh man, those stinking escalators with the heavy carts filled with our stuff-scary times and yet, pretty funny to think back on!

Anonymous said...

I totally admire you for going to Africa--my fear of flying has gotten to the point that the flight itself is a huge accomplishment, let alone the work you'll be doing in Africa!