Sunday, May 31, 2009

First ... And Last

I'm pretty sure Jay will never ask me to put sunscreen on him again.


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

"Don't Push Me Cuz I'm Close To The Edge, I'm Trying Not To Lose My Head"

I hate complaining on my blog.

Because in one breath I complain about meaningless day-to-day crap.

The next breath, my heart is breaking over the poverty and injustices in Africa.

It doesn't seem right.

However, I just NEED to vent really quick.

First of all ... I feel terrible.


I said it.

I can't stand this cold/allergies/sinus infection a DAY longer.

A month is enough.

I feel like I'm swallowing razor blades.

So this morning on my way to work (after a SUPER fun Memorial Day Weekend), I looked down for a split-second to look at my cell phone and call my doctor for an appointment) and this is what happened:




Thankfully, Jay was driving behind me ...

Thank you Jay for changing my flat tire.

You are such a stud.

You didn't get a SPECK of dirt on your clean white shirt.

And didn't complain (out loud) ONCE!

I love you.

P.S. I ended up having to call in sick for the 1/2 half of my day. Not because I got into my doctor ... but because I "got the privilege" of dropping $700 that I DON'T have to buy 4 new tires.

Don't get me started.

My doctor's appointment is tomorrow at 5:15.

I talked to my mom on the phone today and was humored by this conversation:
Mom: What will you do if the doctor says you have the Swine Flu?
Me: Seriously?!?
Mom: Yah
Me: That just might be my last straw. I'm pretty sure I'd just sit and cry.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

We had an awesome weekend with Jay's family in Spokane.

We spent Saturday apart. The guys played golf and the girls went to Jay's cousin's bridal shower.

In the evening, we went to what we thought was a family dinner in downtown Spokane.

Little did we know ... Jay's cousin Ashley planned a surprise bachelor/bachelorette party for us.

Here we are after dinner (and before the bar-hopping). Jay is wearing a foam jester's hat and I am wearing a "bachelorette on the lose" tiara.

The night was beyond fun with all the cousins.

I couldn't have asked for a better night.

Thank you Ashley.

Thank you ALL of Jay's family for making us feel so special and loved.

We are both so lucky!

And I am so lucky to be marrying into such a wonderfully kind, loving and generous family.

More pictures and details to come!

Saturday, May 23, 2009


I spent a wonderfully sunny afternoon with all the ladies in Jay's family to celebrate his cousin's wedding shower.

After all the food was eaten, presents were opened, and cupcakes were devoured, Jay's family asked me about my trip to South Africa.

And I sat down and cried.

For all the injustice and innocence lost.

For all the disease and heartache.

For all the hardship.

So today, I focus on the postive, and pray for the people of South Africa.

Who long for a healthy love.

Ache for food.

And pray for safety.

I'm thinking of you today.

And every day.

And for all the wonderful people from iThemba Lethu who give their love, sweat and tears for the children of South Africa.

I daydream of the day that I see you all again.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Anthrax Mask Needed

This weekend CAN NOT come soon enough!

I'm not complaining .... just stating the facts:
  • I have (on average) 6 kids gone each day from illnesses
  • I have 3 kids out with Pink Eye
  • 2 kids out with ear infections
  • 1 confirmed case of the BAD flu.
    • Yes. THAT one.
  • 3 kids out with the normal flu
  • I'm planning my wedding which takes place in 15 days
  • I'm planning and organizing Field Day for our school
  • I have never-ending allergies (runny/stuffy nose, persistent cough)
  • I'm perpetually in need of a nap
I need a vacation.

And an Anthrax Mask.

Die Cut Stickers

Don't forget to check in with my brother's graphics company to see all the great work they're doing for companies like Nike and Vitamin Water.

My brother Danny (left) and his business partner EJay (right) at Fashion Week.
They made the photowall for Vitamin Water that they are standing in front of.

Visit their blog HERE.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hungry Girl

I have a new website I love.

Click HERE to visit Hungry Girl.

Sign up for their daily emails.

Totally cool info in each email ... a daily email you WON'T mind getting.

Great advice, healthy alternatives, and just plain fun to read about other women choosing to lead healthy lives through healthy food choices.


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

charity: water in visuals

Some more pictures from my charity: water birthday party.

Thank you Jonathan ... for taking such beautiful pictures of the event.

Jay, my handsome husband (in 2-1/2 weeks!) ...

Kelly & I. Wonderful friend, cheerleader and supporter of having fun ...

My handsome dad and beautiful mom ...

Carlee, myself, and Tami. The girls brought a box of Franzia and Kraft Singles to my wine and cheese party. You can always count on them for bringin' the class. Love you girls xoxo

I woke up inspired before the party. I haven't made cards in months, but randomly decided I wanted to make info cards for all the cheese. They turned out really cute, if I do say so myself ...
Thanks again to all my friends and family. 

If nothing else, I know I was able to educate a lot of people on the need for clean drinking water for everyone.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Bridal Shower Ideas

I'm going to a Bridal Shower on Sunday for one of Jay's cousins.

Even though I know what I'm getting her, I thought it would be fun to get some ideas from my students.

During snack today, I asked, "I'm going to a wedding shower to celebrate a cousin who is getting married soon. What do you think I should get her for a gift? What do you think girls like to get?"

Here are their wonderfully giving, thoughtful and creative ideas:
  • makeup
  • a massage machine
  • a pet
  • gift certificate or coupon for their honeymoon place
  • a soft coat made out of fur
  • gift certificate to Macy's for a necklace or a ring
  • outfits
  • a picture frame
  • a flower to pin on her jacket
    • a fake one that you can make out of paper
  • help her choose out a reception
  • a bouquet of flowers from your yard
  • nail polish and candy
  • a mocha or a latte'
  • a nice cool globe
  • a new car
  • a chapter book
  • a diamond
I just love their giving spirits!

Renewed Focus

It's that time of year again when I lose my focus.

I don't track my Weight Watchers points.

I guess.

I don't write in my lesson plan book.

I keep it all in my head.

I write less in my personal planner.

I try to keep it all straight in my memory bank.

This morning ...

I vow to start tracking points again.

I vow to write down my lesson plans.

I vow to write appointments down in my planner.

Hopefully this will allow me to feel more centered.

More calm.

More organized.

More focused.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

charity: water birthday party

I am just busting with pride and love tonight.

I threw myself a birthday party tonight, and asked friends to donate to charity: water.

We raised money so people in developing countries can have clean drinking water.

Sounds so basic.

But so many go without.

I am overcome with the love and generosity of my friends and family.

Thank you.


For making my 33rd birthday the best and most meaningful ever.

Kelly and I overseeing the cheese selection ...

The donation collection and info about charity: water ...

Info about charity: water on my kitchen cupboards ...

Mmmm ... lots of wine, and wine glasses!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Crop A Dial

Christina came to my rescue today!

She came to school equipped with her Crop A Dial.

This thing is amazing.

The perfect tool for expanding tummy's (not because of a pregnancy but because of an over-indulgence of sugary goodness the last 2 years)!

The Crop A Dial easily cut right through my thick leather belts and gifted me with another hole to use!

Thanks Christina ... you're the best!

Golf Cart Photo Op

And I call this ...

A Series Of Not Being Shy
In Front Of The Camera

A Few Moments Of {Un}Productiveness

Here are a few pictures from our Tee Off Against Trafficking Golf Tournament.

Amy took these and emailed them to me.

I think they nicely display how hard I was working:

Clearly listening to what Marisa has to say during a meeting ...

Watching some golfers and pretending to understand what's going on ....

Texting Jay while Amy takes pictures ...

Sitting there smiling at participants as they check in ...

In all seriousness ... I DID work really hard that day. I am happy to report that I am now a WHIZ at processing credit cards over the internet AND driving a golf cart.

Thank you Amy for capturing all my non-productive moments. :)

Way to go ladies ... we earned a ton of money for a GREAT cause!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Bella & Jennifer Aniston

When I went on my honeymoon in 2004 to St. Lucia, we met an awesome couple, Eric & Melissa.

I have kept touch with them over the years.

They live in Long Island and I wish they lived closer (Miss you guys!)!

Their cutie little daughter Bella is in an upcoming film with Jennifer Aniston, called THE BASTER.

They were filming in Brooklyn yesterday.

Check out the adorable pictures.

Love you Bella ... can't wait to see you on the BIG SCREEN!

Click HERE to watch a video of their local news covering the filming.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Diet Coke Ditty

Jay and I went through a phase (about a year ago) when we drank a thousand Diet Cokes a day.

Not really.

But pretty close.

You may remember the video I posted of Jay and I singing when we were drunk from Diet Cokes (I'm too lazy right now to find the link - sorry).

One day, in our infinite mature wisdom, we made up a song/rap/poem about our beloved Diet Coke.

I recently found it on my computer.

And it goes a lil' somthin' like this ...
Diet Coke, Diet Coke,
I'm so glad you-don't-taste-like yolk.
Diet Coke, you taste so sweet,
It makes me want to dance on my feet.
I love you ... You're so good to me,
After I drink you, I've gotta go pee.

Diet Coke, Diet Coke
You go down so smooth I never choke!
Diet Coke you're the one
When I drink you, it tastes like fun!
You are so dear to me
You always go straight through to pee.

Diet Coke, Diet Coke,
You are such a wicked joke.
Diet Coke, you're the one
I love to drink you under the sun.
You are cool, you are rad,
When you're with me, I'm never sad.

Diet Coke, Diet Coke
You are so cool, I wish you were folks.
Diet Coke, you're no fool
I wish I could drink you in a pool.
You're the best, you're the one.
I wish I had a ton.

Diet Coke, I get so blue
When I can't drink you cuz of the flu.
Diet Coke, you feel so right,
I could drink you night-after-night.
Diet coke, you're so sweet,
After I drink you I must brush my teeth.

Diet Coke, I get so psyched!
When I can't drink you I go-into-a-fright!
Diet Coke, in your sweet can.
When you're in my belly, I am the man!
Diet Coke, for you I rhyme.
I wish you only cost a DIME!

I think our little ditty is pure awesomeness!

Monday, May 11, 2009

What's Overcome Me?

For those of you who know me, you know I don't clean my house very often.

And by very often, I mean never.

Jay does it.

I do almost all the cooking.

He does almost all the cleaning.

It works for us.

I think.

But something came over me tonight and I started vacuuming.

I seriously thought Jay was going to DIE of shock.

Scene: I had just started vacuuming & Jay walks into the room, startled by the unfamiliar sound.
Me: (just vacuuming).
Jay: (just staring).
Me: (I notice he's staring) You don't have to just stand there and stare.
Jay: Sorry, but I'm not used to this. I'm taking it all in.
Me: (roll my eyes and flip him off with my free hand).

Scene: A few minutes later (I'm starting to sweat and the novelty of vacuuming for the 1st time in a few months has worn off)
Me: (notice Jay is following me around as I vacuum, and he continually stares at the ground, causing me to grow over-whelmingly self-conscious) Stop following me around. It's creeping me out. And why are you staring at the ground?
Jay: Just noticing spots.
Oh no he didn't just say that!!!
Me: What to you mean? (defensively, FULLY knowing what he means) What spots?
Jay: Oh, just spots you missed.
Me: (another flip-off [this time FULLY deserved]).
Jay: Babe, you really should stop flipping me off. It's not nice.
Me: Haven't you learned anything from teaching? You can't shoot me down the second I try something new! You gotta build me up!
Jay: You're right. Good job babe, you're doing a GREAT job!
Me: Thanks! (I'm such a sucker for positive reinforcement)

For the record: I DID go back and get 'the spots' ... because I'm highly competitive. At which point I turned off the vacuum and said, "Bye vacuum ... see ya in 6 months!

My Mom & I

I SWEAR to you this video was made for my mom and I.


I showed my mom this video and she totally agrees.

Actual conversation remake ...

Mom: LISA! Did you know Courtney Cox had a baby?
Me: MOM! That was like 2 or 3 years ago.
Mom: Oh.

Not only does she not know names ... she's a few years late on celebrity gossip.

I love you mommy-mary ...


My terrible cold is not getting any better.

I feel miserable.

Today, I am grateful for my wonderful students.

They are being SO GOOD for me.

I am also grateful that I have 5 kids who are absent. :)

That makes it easier.

I love my job.

Love my kids.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I thought I was losing weight because my jeans were getting lose.

Then I washed them.

And they're tight again.

It's all very depressing.

Are ya feelin' my pain?

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


For the record ...

I am not proud of the fact that this is my first post in almost a week.

However, this is noteworthy.

I have been crazy busy with wedding stuff, end of the year stuff, organizing & planning Field Day for our school, etc.

I keep reminding myself to slow down.

But instead ... the cops did.

I got a speeding ticket on the way home from work last Tuesday.

I'm smiling in this picture.

But only because the sting has worn off.

The day was already bad.

I had a really rough day at work.

I was already thinking of a glass of wine.

Apparently thinking about getting it quickly ... since I was speeding.

Hey ... the faster you drive, the faster you get home, the faster you get a glass of red.


Anyway, so here's my first post in a long time.

I'm busy (with good stuff).

I got a speeding ticket.

I think about red wine.