Saturday, August 22, 2009

Date Night: Edmonds Waterfront

During football season, Jay and I plan Date Night's together.

I often say that I'm a "football widow" in the Fall. And though I joke about it, it truly is how I feel.

Not so much fun with a husband who's a coach.

But life could be much worse. Much worse.

So I go to lots of football games, and we plan fun Date Night's together.

Here is Date Night #1.

We went to the Edmonds waterfront and had a blast. We ate dinner at Arnie's (thank you Entertainment Book!), took a walk on the waterfront, got ice cream cones, and even found a cool dog park that I look forward to bringing Cooper too. The dogs can swim in Puget Sound. He'll love it!

Thanks for such a fun date night babe!


Kelly M said...

Yay for date night (and ice cream!). hey, if your school sells Entertainment Books, let me know. I think the McPherson's could use one. :-)

Jodie Howerton said...

You guys are so adorable, I just might lose my dinner. And, I mean that as a HUGE compliment. I don't get nauseous easily. :)