Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas (a.k.a) Fire Avoidance

We're going to Spokane for the holidays but my cousin is staying at our house.

This is the email I wrote her.

I think it boarders somewhere between psychotic and humorous:
i was going to leave you a long-winded letter about stuff about our house.

but then i remembered that you're 30 years old and have lived on your own for 12 years.

so here are the things i'm OCD about, and we'll leave it at that:

1. when you leave the house, check to make sure the garage door is down. it's best to check 5 times, and then turn around twice in your car as you drive away. if you need to check one more time because you're not quite sure if it "popped" back up - you can drive around the block and do a drive-by check.

2. make sure there is water in the tree before you turn the xmas lights on. this is my new holiday OCD that is revolved around the house burning down - a new OCD characteristic that has formed since we decided to get a real tree this year. i know - special.

that's about all. not to bad right!?!

oh wait, i remembered another one:

3. when you use the downstairs fireplace, take the stockings down first. it gets too hot for them to stay up there. you know - fire and all and house burning.

should i seek counseling? this isn't healthy. is it. DANG IT! i need house-burning-down-fire-related therapy.

LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!! Have a great time. Mi casa es su casa. Did I get that right?!? Call or text if you need anything.

Merry Christmas.

Oh - the sheets (on our bed) and towels are all clean for you guys.

Merry Christmas everyone.

Love your soon-to-be-in-therapy friend,


And though it pains me to put this picture up,
this is literally what I visualize:
And now I have it up on my blog as a reminder of my worst fear.


Ugh ... I need help.


Kelly M said...

Oh Lisa. I understand how you feel about the garage door! I've never had a made in a factory tree, so I do not understand the constant checking of the water, but maybe it's just something one gets used to and next year you'll not think about it at all! Merry Christmas Stookeys! I hope you have a great married Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Tim always reassures me when I start getting worried about stuff like that by saying:
1. Things are just things.
2. They can be replaced.
3. We have insurance!

Love you!

Lucky Red Hen said...

Sorry I'm bugging you on your blog about this, but I just had to tell you a story that TOTALLY made me think of you!

This is on my Facebook status (I don't think we're friends there, are we?)... anywho.

Piper's uncle asked her if she could go ANYWHERE in the WORLD, where would she go? Piper replied, "Africa or Spokane."

YOU are the reason she said Africa (and I love that) and she knows people in Spokane (I lived there with my family for several years and my brother still lives there). But since you're IN SPOKANE for the holidays, this story is even MORE special!

Merry, merry :)

Anonymous said...

You're a crack up! Now I want to go stay at your house too!

On a side note, every year we're going to make a donation to a charity in Angelo's name. This year I'm just clicking on that handy link you have on your blog (Water for Christmas). You really have raised my awareness about clean water and I couldn't think of a better cause. So...thanks!