Monday, April 25, 2011

Update // I'm Alive

I'm officially the world's worst blogger this month.

I started slacking in my posts because I was so annoyed with my cell phone.

I've been sending my daily pictures from my cell phone - but now it doesn't work for some reason - and I'm not techy enough to figure it out - or energetic enough to stay awake long enough.

Let's be honest.

The majority of hours that compromise the month of April, have been used up in REM sleeping.

I am so tired.

Like, understatement of the day tired.

I refuse to complain {to anyone other than Jay & Jordan - luckies!} because I know I have a loooong road ahead of me.

But today I think I've figured it out.

I think I need to eat more protein.

So anyway, the pregnancy is going GREAT.

I'm 18 weeks now and happy as a clam.

Also, sUpEr grateful for every day.

If I think about it too long, I'll cry.

I seem to be feeling quite sensitive to girlfriends who have been down the same road as me.

There is nothing more annoying than reading a blog FULL of baby news and pregnancy updates, when you're hurting in that area.

Because of that - I tend to shy away from blogging lately.

Having a difficult time finding some balance in that area I suppose.

I'll give you some quick updates:
  • Jay painted the baby's room a couple weeks ago - an adorable grey
  • We purchased our crib and changing table and set them up in the nursery (picture below)
  • We started some basic registries
  • We had a GREAT 17 week prenatal exam
  • Easter was nice and relaxing at mom and dad's house
  • We're missing our Spokane family and wish every day they were closer to share in all this baby excitement
  • My students are BEYOND cute about my pregnancy. They talk to my belly and say sweet things like, "Hi baby P! I hope you're happy in there!"
  • We have an ultrasound appointment for May 13th to find out what we're having
  • We've agreed on baby names. Girl: Piper. Boy: Paxton. Feel free to NOT leave your opinion if it's negative ... these ARE the names we will be using.

Enjoy the picture of the changing table.

I've sent over 15 photos to my email via my phone the last few weeks, and this is the ONLY one that I received.

If they ever show up ... I'll post them.

I've been so busy with working, sleeping and creating a baby from scratch ... I've been a terrible blog reader also.

Hope you're all doing great!

Is it bad that I'm too tired to proof-read this post?!?



Angel said...

I LOVE the names!! And am so excited for you :)

Renae said...

Love, love both names!

So glad you updated and all is well! And the baby bump - adorable!

Lucky said...

My girl child is SUPER excited about your girl name choice ;) Haven't told my kidlets what it's going to be if a boy, but I bet both would be happy (and I like the nickname Pax)!