Friday, September 9, 2011

38 weeks

How about a bit of an update?

The last couple weeks have been cRaZy!

Last Monday, I woke up with a weird-feeling tongue. It felt burnt, but I couldn't recall burning it on anything.

On Monday night, I noticed my taste was a bit off - things didn't taste as flavorful as usual.

On Tuesday morning, I went to check my teeth {for food} in the mirror after breakfast and I couldn't open my lower lip all the way - I couldn't see the bottom row of my teeth on the right side.

By lunchtime, I was unable to swish with water with out water coming out and I also drooled food out the right side of my mouth.

Scary stuff.

Jay called my OB and they had him drive me to the emergency room right away.

Long story short - they ruled out a blood clot and/or stroke, and I've been diagnosed with Bell's palsy.

If you haven't heard of it - you can look it up - I'm not going to provide a link and I refuse to look it up because I feel like it will just scare me.

The beginning of this week was spent in foll0w-up appointments.

I saw a wonderful neurologist who said I basically have a 95% of making a full recovery within the next few weeks.

He was impressed with how fast we got medical attention {thanks Jay!} and said my case isn't bad at all.

Basically it affected the right side of my face.

My smile is off and my right eye doesn't always blink with my left one ... oh ... and I get to tape my eye shut while I sleep with scotch tape.

Jealous much!?!

Jeez - the things mother's do for their children during pregnancy!

I never got to start school with my kiddos and I miss them a ton.

I've been put on medical leave for work and honestly I can't imagine working anyway - especially since the vision in my right eye has been affected (but getting better every day!).

We are on the countdown to meeting Pax ... 14 days until our due date.

I can't wait to meet him!

Is it bad I'm too lazy to go back and proof-read this for errors?

I'm hitting publish.


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Anonymous said...

Ugh, I know several people who have gotten that during pregnancy and fortunately they've been fine afterwards. It's super crazy and sounds scary though! I guess you'll have one more reason to drool over your little baby now.