Monday, October 24, 2011

first bath & pumpkin patch

Things are settling down here ... just in time for Jay to go back to work and chaos for me to start.

After a few weeks of many sleepless nights driving around town trying to soothe Paxton and lull him to sleep, we've discovered that little man has acid reflux. Since being on Zantac (yes, I HATE giving my newborn baby medicine) he's back to his happy self.

A few updated pictures.

Paxton's first bath in the kitchen sink ...

Since this pictures were taken, we've bathed him in his little tub and he LOVES it so much!

We went to the pumpkin patch yesterday with our little pumpkin and some family members.

Here are a couple pictures of my new family.

I am so blessed.

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Faith said...

Ohhh!! Paxton is SO incredibly cute!! I just want to squeeze him!! Congratulations!!!