Sunday, September 2, 2012


Surgery day has come and gone.

I was in such wonderful hands with Dr. Zundel - go to him FOR SURE if the need ever arises (which I hope it never does!).

My surgery went really well and recovery wasn't too bad.

The worst part was the itchiness of the bandage.

I was on pain pills for about 36 hours post-surgery, and then I was ready to be out of the cloud of pain management.

My mom spent the night with me the first night after surgery (my mom is the best!).

I'll be honest, the worse part was Paxton came down with Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease the day I went into surgery.


Jay had to sleep with Paxton as he whimpered through the night. He really gets a gold medal for those few nights. A baby with HF&M on top of teething!?! No thanks. Thank you honey!

one day post-surgery
hanging out together
our first outing to safeway - staring at my bandage
safeway aisle sillies
6 days later - the bandage comes off!

I was so afraid to take off my bandage, but once I did - SWEET RELIEF!

I have no idea how you people with casts do it.

I've never broken a bone but I hear that itches like nothing other.

I. Couldn't. Imagine.

Anyway, great news came 7 days after surgery.

Longest 7 days ever.

My biopsy came back benign.


Thank you for all the well-wishes, prayers, flowers and cards.

This chapter is over.

It's been a long 3 months of not knowing the status of my health.

Please don't take a day for granted.

Our health is so precious.


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Renee Little said...

Phewwww! Now you can breath deep and worry no more! Our God is a God of healing, He just never said it would be painless, what we expected or easy.... So glad for you and your family that you are well!!!

I am enjoying your pictures!