Thursday, October 4, 2012

molars // walking

just when i thought parenthood was at its best ...

it gets better.

aside from the teething molars part.

holy hell.

thank you EVERY FRIEND EVER for NOT warning me about teething molars -
we would be childless if you had forewarned us.

warning ...

cuteness follows.

out on a nightly family walk

this smile seriously melts my heart.

joy exudes from this boy.

he's LOVING his new bike from grandma and grandpa.

and it came with a cell phone - so who WOULDN'T love it?!?

-- also --


pax is walking up a storm.

i just love seeing his face after he has walked without falling.

so much pride.

oh - and new-found freedom is vErY fun,
as evidenced in this next picture.

little mister pulled a box across the room,
stepped on it,
and tried with ALL of his might to reach the electrical cord.

i don't blame him -
those halloween pumpkin lights are really cool.

i just love being a mommy.

it continues to be my greatest joy.

and everyone says it just gets better.

i can't even imagine.


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