Monday, June 29, 2009

Freedom Is ...

... not paying an EXTRA $35 a month of top of an already HUGE Puget Sound Energy bill!

This being my 1st house, I had NO IDEA that an $11.25 PSE bill was super low.

For TWO YEARS I paid $11.25 per month.

Then it came back to bite me.

I got a bill for well over $2000 for back-pay.

My meter was broken.

I didn't know it.

I had nothing to reference the bill on.

How was I to know $11.25 was low?!?

Anyway, PSE was super cool about cutting my bill down.

I sucked up my anger and frustration.

And I've been paying PSE an extra $35 a month.

For it seems FOREVER.

That extra $35 felt SO HUGE every month, just because of the principal of the issue.

I felt they were in the wrong.

Though I DO acknowledge that I used the energy.

Hmmm ... tricky one.

This was my 1st month after all the debt was paid off.

And DANG ... it feels good!

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Anonymous said...

That's crazy--and funny! We just got the statement that our 2005 car is all paid off, so I can now buy $650 worth of shoes a month. Woot woot!