Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Diet Time

This is so stinking cute.

A student in the other 1st grade class made this picture for Jay & I today. It says, "For The Stookeys - From: Connor"


However, when he gave it to me, this is how the conversation went ...

Connor: This is a picture for you and Mr. Stookey. This is the sun, this is an airplane and this is another airplane.
Me: This is awesome. I'm going to pretend that my airplane is going to Hawaii.
Connor: This is Mr. Stookey (points to the SMALLER green guy!) and this is you (points to the HUGE blue guy!).
Me: WHAT!?!? How come I'm bigger?
Connor: (uncomfortable giggle) I don't know.
Me: (sucking up my pride) Thank you Connor. I just love it.
Note to self: It's DIET TIME honey. Diet time. You DON'T want to be bigger then your husband. Not in the eyes of a 6 year-old. Not in the eyes of ANYONE!

Just LOOK at how skinny he made Jay.


Jay is stick person in this picture!

I have a full body and clothes on.

This is SO not fair people.


Suzi said...

I hear ya, sister. I got my measurements done today. Including body fat percentage. I totally do not recommend doing that. Tomorrow, 5:00, me and the gym. Joy.

Kelly M said...

Did you notice that you're also smiling and Jay doesn't really have many facial features at all. I'm glad you're the blue one!

marisabutterworth said...

Ok. He obviously just spent more time working on the one that he loves the most. I LOVE the picture. :)

I am headed to Weight Watchers in Woodinville THIS Saturday with another friend that wants to join. The meeting is at 9:30am so you could get there anytime between 9 and 9:30. Let me know if I will see you there! :)