Friday, January 15, 2010

Dan // USS Carl Vinson // Haiti

I've spoken of my brother's best friend Dan before.

Super awesome guy doing amazing things.

Like THIS for example.

I'm proud to say that Dan is now serving a 3-month deployment on the USS Carl Vinson.

The Vinson has taken its position off the shores of Haiti and has begun flying in much-needed supplies and relief to the earthquake-stricken country.

We are proud of you Dan for the important work you're doing for our country ... and other countries in need. You have a God-given talent of compassion for others, and you use your talent of flying to serve those in need.

You are a hero.

And today, as you fly water and other supplies to the people of Haiti, you will see that compassion first-hand.

We are praying for the safety and effectiveness of everyone on board the USS Carl Vinson and for the millions of people in Haiti.

You can read about the USS Carl Vinson's work in Haiti HERE.

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