Monday, August 9, 2010

One Of Those Days

I can feel that today is going to be a rough day.

Looking at other blogs and facebook pictures of roley-poley, squishy, chubby babies.

Don't get me wrong, I am THRILLED for other people.

But some days.

Like today.

When perhaps my hormones are still a bit wonky.

It's hard.

Really hard.

And all you can really do is cry.

And that's okay.

Because today will pass.

And my spirits will be renewed by the coming of a new day.


mary beth said...

Girl - Though I don't share the loss you've experienced, I fully relate to the sense of emptiness. Big hugs to you today.

momm said...

Lisa, my whole chest aches and I am in tears as I write this. Just cry sweetheart. It's not hormones but a broken heart attempting to heal. It has been 18 years since Dave & I lost a son in a miscarriage. Sometimes I still cry, just not as often. I've been wanting to write you but no words seem right. You and Jay were in my prayers this morning even before I read this. So I just had to tell you that I can't know how you feel but I do understand, care and pray that you and Jay continue to find peace and comfort in the Lord and each other's arms.
Love you, Pamm

jordan said...

Lisa - My heart hurts for you and Jay. Allow yourself time to feel the pain of losing a part of you and know that God has an amazing plan for you and Jay. You guys don't deserve to go through something so painful. The only thing I seem to hold onto is that there is a reason for everything and that despite how painful this is for you two, perhaps these experiences will allow you the opportunity to help others around you who have to experience the same pain. You two are surrounded by so many people that love you. Hang in here Sister.

mrsmouthy said...

I think you are a rock star. When we were going through some stuff, I actually removed blogs from my blogroll that had anything about babies in them. You're a strong woman, Lisa!