Monday, December 6, 2010

i'm giving in ...

cooper's hip is still bothering him.

he runs and plays just fine.

but jumping into the car, on our bed or onto the couch is difficult for him sometimes.

he's too young to be feeling this way.

we've had him on glucosamine and fish oil for quite some time now.

it's driving me nuts.

i've put off getting x-rays because, well, they're expensive.

but i can't stand it anymore.

i can't stand the NOT KNOWING.

and when i don't know - i'm the QUEEN OF CATASTROPHIZE.

so any amount of money i'm about to spend HAS to be worth my peace of mind.

i drop him off on thursday for x-rays.

and hopefully we'll know what's up with this dang hip or leg.

in order to spiral myself into a full-blown panic attack, i have to keep reminding myself, "whatever is wrong, is already wrong ... now i'm just arming myself with the information to best help him."

but still.

my poor baby.

i just want him up and running again.

please keep your fingers crossed for decent news.


Unlikely Oilfield Wife said...

Saying many prayers!!

Unlikely Oilfield Wife said...

Hey, tried to find you on Facebook and nothing came up when I typed in your name. Dying to read the comments, people who constantly need to talk about how their kids are annoying make me NUTS!! (try to find me and add me if you like, Heather Mia Says) Hope all is well with you and your hubs and the pup!

Victoria said...

Hey I saw something recently on t.v. and I believe this may be the answer to the problems for Cooper.. there are vets who do acupuncture and it really helps the doggies with hip problems or with hips that hurt.

Ask your vet about it or BETTER YET google it! Sounds crazy but lots of dog owners do that a few times a year.. a lot in the cooler months. It's worth a try anyway right? Hugs.V