Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Post About Nothing Interesting

Catchy post title, right!?!

It's like the Sahara Desert over here.

I've got nothing to write about.



I work,
I come home,
I feed my dog,
I eat dinner,
I lay on the couch,
I watch TV,
I address Christmas cards,
I read books,
I sleep.


Weird huh.

I think I'm just counting down the days until Winter Break.

Not sure.

Sorry I'm so boring this week.

I took this picture the other day to blog about ...

It's a nightlight someone gave us for Christmas that Jay LOVES.

I thought it would be funny to blog about how much Jay likes it ...

But then when I looked at it, I thought,
"What a boring picture.
Who wants to read a post about this picture?"

And so I've still got nothing to write about.

I'll try to be more interesting and witty next week.

The End.

1 comment:

Suzi said...

Dude, I hear ya. I got nothin' either. Except this: CHRISTMAS BREAK BEGINS TODAY AFTER SCHOOL! :) (and my word I had to type below was "redlypen". I want to use that in a sentence someday....