Sunday, March 6, 2011

mar 6th

Will anyone besides me confess to reading the column "What's In My Bag" in US Weekly?

It's basically this LIE of a column where famous women say what they keep in their purse.

Well, yesterday while I was looking for my favorite pen, I ended up emptying my entire purse and thought this was just too embarrassing good to keep to myself.

  • two forks
  • a spoon
  • my inhaler chamber
  • 2 used Kleenex's
  • a bag of crushed oyster crackers
  • wallet
  • leave-in conditioner
  • nature valley granola bar
  • proof of insurance
  • sunglasses
  • one glove
  • my mouth guard
  • a bag of trail mix
  • a lollipop
  • my bag of lip gloss
  • a $20 AMC gift card
  • a shower cap
  • my lung capacity tester
  • two rotten satsuma oranges
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1 comment:

Sadie said...

YES, I do read that...and perhaps it is why I love this post so much. Shower cap eh? :)