Tuesday, March 8, 2011

mar 8th

One of our fabulous co-workers made this for our sweet baby.

How cute is this?!?

Does a baby's head really start that small?

So hard to imagine.

Can't WAIT to see it!

Thank you Tina!


Kelly M said...

What a cute hat! Yes, small heads and narrow shoulders. :) I can't wait to rub your belly and then I'm planning to visit you and baby Stook and kiss his or her little head for about five full minutes. I might also cry a little.

Lisa said...

Kelly - and I'll love every minute of all of that!


Renae said...

The hat is adorable! How sweet!

And I am such a doof! I totally missed the announcement and had to scroll back thru posts. Whoopsiedoodle! Congratulations! Praying for you and your little bean over the next several months!