Friday, May 20, 2011

22 weeks

A couple weeks have flown by.

Jay & I started coaching our school's Track & Field team
{you can imagine my running shape these days!}
and it's been so much fun.

I celebrated my 35th birthday last week with my family.

I've never been more happy.

Life is great.

And after two difficult years,
I'm cherishing every day.

Here I am at 22 weeks ...


akmarigold said...

Pax looks good on you!

jordan said...

looking good girlfriend! we're both one week closer to bumpin' bumps when we hug. can't wait. love you!

Annie said...

your bump is way too cute - you look so amazing! i can't wait to see you next! don't you just love all the cozy maternity clothes?!

Eve said...

SO happy for you Lisa!! xoxo

Renee Little said...

I have always enjoyed reading your posts...have not heard from you in awhile. Hoping you are just tired.

I have been been trying for years to to get pregnant with my second. We had a miscarriage in April and we are pregnant again! This time things look good but you know how guarded and worried I easily become.

I have always found encouragement in your story and your openness to share.

Hope all is well.
Renee Little