Friday, July 22, 2011

31 weeks

Happy 31 weeks big boy.

Aunt Patty is throwing us a baby shower tomorrow, and I'm beside myself with excitement.

We came home from Lake Chelan last night, and the first thing I did was sit in your room for a while. I looked in your crib, smelled your clothes in your closet, and read you a few board books.

I can't wait to meet you.

I love you very much Paxton!


Jessie said...

Do you notice that you wear stripes in almost all your baby pics! I LOVE it! You are so cute

Nellie said...

Hi Lisa,
I showed Peyton your picture and he said "WOW!!!! Paxton's getting big!!!!". I said HE sure is!!!! Whew he said it right!!!! Lol. Text me. I
Tried to txt you, but it was returned. Have you changed your number? Peyton wants you to come over for "a play date" so can see how Paxton's doing. :)


Nellie said...

You look great. Txt me. I've tried to text you. Did you change you number?