Tuesday, May 15, 2012

mother's day weekend

I had such a wonderful mother's day weekend.

We went to Lake Chelan for our celebration weekend with my family.

We typically celebrate my birthday and mother's day on the same weekend since we're all together.

These aren't necessarily the highlights from the weekend. The following just happen to be the only pictures we took  ...

 Feeding Paxton in the Starbucks parking lot on the way to Chelan.

My baby boy, enjoying Lake Chelan on a warm, Saturday morning stroll.

My sweet niece Harper, taking a nap.
Hey, it's HARD being 7 weeks old.

My birthday celebration cake (thanks Jay!).

Some mother's day wine tasting with my mom.
@Hard Road To Hoe

It was fun celebrating mother's day with my mom and Erica. It was my first "official" mother's day. Last year, I was pregnant with Paxton. The year before was HORRID! I had just suffered my 2nd miscarriage (or 1st maybe - I can't remember),  and I was heartbroken to say THE LEAST. I cried all weekend long that year.

So nice for a HAPPY mother's day with my sweet Bug in my arms & making memories with my family.

Dreams DO come true.

I took a 2-hour nap, had lunch at Campbell's, went wine-tasting, took Paxton swimming and relaxed with our family.

In the evening, we celebrated my birthday with a delicious dinner and cake.

Too fun.

My heart is full of love and I just couldn't be happier.

I keep telling Jay, "I think I'm living my best days - right now."

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