Thursday, November 12, 2009

First Gift

Last year, we encouraged people to give $10 on Fridays.
This year, we are only doing it once.

One day.

24 hours.

So this Friday, November 13th, we are raising our voices and buying water.

Let the first gift we all buy be life.

It's going to be a big day.

We would love for you all to join us.

$10 will give one person clean water for 10 years.

Collectively, the impact could be huge.

As always, all donation go directly to charity: water, are tax-deductible,
and 100% goes directly to CLEAN water solutions.

First Gift.

$10 viral campaign.

November 13th.

Consider yourself invited ...

Click HERE to donate using the yellow donate button so we can keep track.

1 comment:

Ashley Julian said...

awesome, thanks for posting this.