Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Reminders ...

I'm sure your totally sick of me being depressed and writing Debbie Downer posts.

But it's where I'm at, and if you don't check my blog for a while, I'll totally understand.

I put on a happy face all day (and most of the time I truly am having happy moments), but the dark pain is always there. Always trying to rear its head out. And I spent extra energy during the day trying to push out painful memories and reminders.

I've been trying really hard to look on the bright side.

Heck ... I'm a bright-side kinda girl.

But some days are just really hard.

Days that you fight back tears.

Days like today.

Here are a few things that are really hard.

Watching a movie and realizing books like this .... are on your coffee table.

Getting your weekly email updates titled: Your Belly - 10 Weeks ...

But your not.

Being able to choose between 2 pair of pants because that's all the fit.

Okay ... I'm done for now.

Thanks for letting me grieve with you ... no matter how annoying it is for you.

There are a bagillion positives that have come out of our unfortunate circumstance.

I'll write about those soon!


Anonymous said...


You are never Debbie. You gather your strength in your sharing. We get that and want to do WHATEVER we can to lift you up. Everytime you come around the corner bringing the kids out, you just make me smile. Yes, even this week. You are a bright spark - feel free to lean on us (your readers & friends) to capture a little glow when you need it.

You are both in my thoughts.

Julia Elliott

Anonymous said...

Tears! I'm having a hard day too, but nothing compared to what you are grieving. Give it time. Keep God close to your thoughts. I have had to ask God to take thoughts away, and shield my mind. Love you bunches.
Hugs. xo Bella

Kelly M said...

Lisa, you are really inspiring, you know that? You might not feel like it right now, but you are a big encouragement to me even and especially right now. Love you!

Sarah K said...

Hi Lisa,
I'm a friend of Shawna's...just had to share my deepest condolences to you and your husband. I know the pain you are feeling. It's hard to imagine now, but it does pass. I have a beautiful boy to show for it, and another one on the way. You are brave to share your story...know that others are finding peace in it. Sending many blessings your way!

Kristan said...

I agree: you don't ever have to apologize for going through something this hard. You're gathering strength from friends and loved ones, and releasing your thoughts and feelings into your personal outlet -- there's nothing wrong with that.