Wednesday, June 13, 2012


i'm pretty sure i've developed a horrible habit.

it's becoming a problem.

i can not find my shoes EVERY MORNING
when i'm trying to get dressed.

last night - i think i figured out why.

since having paxton - i leave them EVERYWHERE.

my sense of organization has totally flown out the window.

i walked around the house last night and took pictures of shoes
that were in the wrong place.

i did not move any, 
these are {sadly} exactly where they were laying when i got my camera.

it's totally embarrassing.

think of this as a confession.

this is where yesterday's shoes ended
{between guest room & bonus room}
no idea why.

two pairs of flip flops that i haven't worn since being pregnant.
you read that right.
just laying beside the bonus room couch.

and in case two pairs weren't enough,
here is another pair of shoes about 4 feet from the flip flops.

now this next picture is particularly embarrassing.
i didn't notice until AFTER taking the picture,
but these flip flops are actually from two different pairs.
in my bathroom.
i know.
i can't explain it either.

and here are some boots, a pair of flats,
and lo-and-behold ...
a flip flop partner to one in the bathroom!

then i thought i was done.
but when i turned around to put my camera away ...
i spied these gems hiding under the dirty clothes bin.
i haven't worn these since last summer.

i have no explanation for my actions.

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