Monday, June 4, 2012

weekend roundup

this weekend was the first official weekend without jay around a lot.

i'm a baseball widow until the end of july.

we kept ourselves busy with fun activities and family time.

weekend roundup time.

saturday morning started with getting up on our knees.
time to move the pack & play base DOWN!

some play time

and some cuddle time

we spent the day with my parents.
we took a nice long nap {including me!}, played with toys and, 
went on a fun walk in the park.

when jay got home, we hit up the outlet mall to buy clothes for pax that he doesn't need.
could this kid get any cuter?
the answer is no.
paxton goes to sleep in his swing, 
then we move him to the pack & play after his 11:00 pm bottle.
we figured it was time to start putting him down w/out the swing.
you tell ME how it went ...
in all honesty, it went really well
{notice the base is lowered!}
he's such a good boy.

i woke up on sunday morning feeling totally crummy.
paxton and i took a long nap.
look at that cute, sleepy face.

in the afternoon, we visited the bellevue botanical garden.
this place is gorg-ous!

after our fun walk in the woods,
we went to my parent's house for some fun in the sun, and dinner.

and another week is upon us.

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