Thursday, September 3, 2009

Am I 79?


Did I turn 79 this year?

I am exhausted and so tired from my students this year.

Day #1: work, nap, glass of wine and dinner.

Day #2: work, nap, glass of wine and popcorn. NOTE: no dinner.

Something has to change.

And it WON'T be the nap & wine.


On a serious note ... I have wonderful kids. I'm looking forward to a really fun year.

And those of you who know my history with this ... I was once again successful about REMEMBERING to bring my camera the first day of school, but FORGETTING to actually take my student's picture.

Some things never change.

1 comment:

Kelly M said...

Um, maybe you should go to sleep a little earlier? Or maybe you should come to my house. I'll nap in the chair and you can nap on the couch. When we feel like it, we'll turn on the television. :-)