Tuesday, September 8, 2009

San Juan Island

Jay and I spent Labor Day weekend up on San Juan Island.

My Aunt and Uncle have a vacation home up there and Jay & I were able to spend a few days of relaxation with them.

My cousin Jenn was there too.

She lives up in Canada and I'm not able to see her as much as I'd like, so it was wonderful to spend that time with her too.

View from the hot tub. Heavenly.

Another hot tub view ...

My cousin Jenn and my Uncle Tim in the kitchen.
Amazing view huh!?!

Jenn and I love jumping into people's pictures.
In this picture, I'm getting a piece of my own medicine!

Whale watching with Jenn's dog Jasper.
We saw a HUGE pod of Orca whales.
So cool!


Diane Davis said...

it looks like a beautiful place but far too cold for this california girl...

Kelly M said...

Looks beautiful! Totally jealous of the orca sighting.