Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Teacher Spotlight: Mrs. Stookey

I'm gonna go ahead and toot my own horn.

I was in the Teacher Spotlight section of our PTA newsletter, THE FOGHORN today. The Foghorn is a bi-weekly newsletter written by the PTA that gets sent to all parents at our school.

Thank you Maureen for making me sound so cool:
Mrs. Stookey teaches first grade at CLE. As many of you know, she married Mr. Stookey in June. Mrs. Stookey has a LARGE black lab named Cooper. Her favorite food is sushi, her favorite color is orange, and her favorite activity over the summer was going to Alaska with Mr. Stookey. In her spare time, Mrs. Stookey participates in a group called Women Of Purpose whose goal is to reduce trafficking of women and children in the world. Mrs. Stookey also went to South Africa last December to bring supplies and help orphans resulting from the AIDS crisis on the African continent.
I told Maureen, "You either write really good, or I enjoy reading about myself. Because this is really great!" :)


Kelly M said...

Ooh, you're a celebrity!

marisabutterworth said...

You are hilarious and dare I say, REALLY COOL! Orange?!?! It's a great color! I feel like I know you a little better. And I think that you may be the most awesome teacher EVER!!

Jodie Howerton said...

We have the article taped to our "famous door." that's where the kids get their stuff tacked up. You're the best. I'm missing you!!!!!!!!!

Lucky Red Hen said...

I loved reading about you and Piper was so proud we were talking about HER teacher :)

mrsmouthy said...

It's easy to make someone sound good when they really are that awesome!