Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The End (of the school year) Is Near

The kids are exhausting me.

No joke.

Behavior is OUT OF CONTROL.

And I am running out of positive reinforcement.

I've been reduced to everyone putting their heads down and visualizing a class that follows directions.


I went there.

Usually only do that a few times a year.

Last week we did it 3 times in a week.

Last night I slept for 13-1/2 hours.

Only 8 more days of school.

I can do this.

I KNOW I can do this ...

because I re-read posts like THIS and THIS ...

and think "Oh yah, I feel like this every year."

Here's to a smooth-sailing 8 days.

Hey ... a girl can dream, right!?!


Nicole said...

why do you go so late?! girl! you can do it! the last 8 days are the hardest and LONGEST but you can do it!

you must not go back until after labor day huh?

Anonymous said...

This post (and the links) reminds me how much I miss teaching--and how scared I am at the thought of ever teaching again.