Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Lake Chelan

Spending the week with the family in Lake Chelan.

Will be sure to update once we get back.

Until then, I'll continue to soak up the sun, eat too much food (while justifying it by being on vacation), eat shaved ice, devour books, and take naps.

Have a great week!


jordan said...

I hope you are having so much fun and getting a lot of relaxation in. See you soon! p.s. the mac n' cheese I made was the bomb. You'll LOVE it. I will make you some when you get back!

Kelly M said...

Lisa, if you are on vacation with your Mom, who WROTE A COOKBOOK, you should be eating quite a bit! :) Also, I'm pretty sure you're eating more healthfully than lots of people so you're doing just fine.