Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Would Love Your Thoughts

I feel better today.

Today is a better day than Monday.

I was a mess on Monday after our ultrasound.

I remain confused and baffled, but I've gotten some perspective and eager to learn more information.

Here's the deal.

I should be 8-1/2 weeks pregnant, but our baby is only measuring 6-1/2 weeks growth.

Which is pretty much impossible.

And I've had pregnancy symptoms for soooo long.

Anyone out there have any ideas?



Similar story?

Please no bad news okay.

I'm thriving on the good right now.

Our next appointment (the 1st appt with our doctor) is next Wednesday.

Looking forward to more information.

Until then, praying and thinking positive thoughts.


Cook Family Journal said...

Lisa, just say a prayer and relax. All you can do for you and the baby is to be peaceful, and prayerful. Maybe your body was wanting pregnancy and so you thought you were pregnant before you were pregnant. Just take it a day at a time. I will send prayers , angels and love to you.

Lisa said...

thank you. i was just going off when my last period was.

we shall see!


Anonymous said...

Lisa.. I was always sure I was more far along based on my last cycle then the dr.'s said I was. Trust that God has it all under control. The Cook Family is right. Try and pray for peace, it IS the best way to remain sane, and to keep things nice and cozy for baby Stookey. I love you, and am praying. But seriously the due date changes sometimes at the end, and they say your more far along with the baby is big.. so don't worry yet, and wait and find out what the doctor's appointment says. Let the Dr.'s do what they are good at. And you just keep figuring out what's healthy for those cravings. Love you XO Praying for you, Jay and baby too. Hugs. V

Kelly M said...

Ha! Don't go off when your last period was! There's something something about how long an egg can stick around. Those eggs of ours are tricky. When we went to our first doctor's appointment they told us that we will only ever have an estimate of the due date because they can't be sure based on the day of your period since everyone ovulates differently. You're normal because there is no normal. :) But I do hope you start feeling better soon!

Heather A said...

Had no idea you were pregnant again Lisa! I don't know where I've been. We just had great baby news about some friends of ours this evening so I think there are good vibes in the air and I'm sending them your way. Love and prayers to you!

Lisa said...

heather - we just announced - so you're not late :)

Anonymous said...

Hi sweetie,
You know, sometimes I think all this technology, although a blessing in many ways, also contributes to lots of worry. 25 years ago, ultrasounds weren't used routinely, so many people, including me, didn't have them during their entire pregnancies. There weren't any exact measurements of development; just general estimates. In some ways, that was better---you just trusted that the whole process was moving along naturally in the way it was meant to happen.

Trust in nature and in the beautiful wholeness of your body, sweetie. And know that the barfiness does not last forever. :-)


Sadie said...

They were WAY off for Greyson almost four weeks. They said I was due Sept. 29th, I said the 10th or 11th. I was adamant, afterall I KNEW when we had sex...hello?? :) Greyson Jax was born on September there, fancy ultra sounds, blah, blah, blah. And, he was a healthy 7 lbs 6 ounces he would have been a biggen had he arrived another four weeks later. Relax and know that you have a Momma's intuition and this little one will arrive on HIS due date, not to be confused with any medical given dates. :) Praying for peace, rest and relaxation. Love you Momma! {{HUGS}}

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!! Lots of love your way Lisa! FYI - when calculating a pregnancy they begin with the first day of your last period which basically adds two weeks to your pregnancy because they consider ovulation as part of the pregnancy. The whole ovulation and cycles stuff can be very confusing but I wouldn't worry about it. Say positive affirmations daily and have confidence in your body and this baby that all is as it should be.
When I became pregnant I knew within a week, but it took another 2+ weeks for any test to show a positive because my hormone levels weren't high enough, but I knew. Breathe and love this baby with all your heart. Stay strong. Hugs and Kisses....

Katie said...

My ultra sound due date and my "last period" due date were two different dates. There was a 10 day difference between the both. It drove me nuts my whole pregnancy..thinking "how could I have a window of 10 day difference in my due date??" Well my Dr. told me to relax because really there is pretty much a 2 week window for delivery/due date. This was my first lesson in parenthood....nothing is "by the book" and there is no "one way/right way" to parent. These little ones teach us big important lessons from day one of conception!

Anonymous said...

Katie is pretty right on. Perhaps you became pregnant later in the cycle. Where did you have your ultrasound? It should be done at a facility with high level ultrasound, not just in the doctor's office (and maybe that was the case). With my first, I was using a natural method of birth control and literally (knew I) became pregnant on the 29th day of my cycle. My pregnancy test was positive, however I imagine if I had had an early ultrasound, the growth would not have "matched" the first day of my last period. And, he is now 27, required many saltines during pregnancy and jars of banana peppers which I never ate before or much after, go figure! And as the Cook Famiy encouraged, relax. Easy to say...breathe deeply in through the nose and out through the mouth. It will come in handy later!

Anonymous said...


Congratulations! I'm so happy to hear you are pregnant! I echo all of the comments above -- you have some wonderful and knowledgeable friends and family. I'll share my two cents, which is probably TMI. When we got pregnant with Levi we thought it was physically impossible because due to the exhaustion and sleep deprivation of having a 10 month old. Lets just say we wouldn't have broken any records in the bedroom. Needless to say, there were two possible dates within the past two months that we could have conceived, and neither worked for the ultrasound results -- we were either way to early or way too late. Our doctor stressed that what mattered was not when Levi would be born, but that he and I kept growing throughout the pregnancy. He was born 8 lbs 6 ounces when he was ready, and at this point I don't even know which date ended up being closer. It will all work out. And again I am so happy for you!
Sending our love,

becky said...

Lisa, as an L& D nurse, dont sweat it! I knew when I had sex and how far along I "should" be but with my last two pregnancies I was showing way smaller than I "should". Just remember there is NO black and white in pregnancy and delivery. Every womans body is different and from fertalization to implantation no two women are the same. Just breathe eats sleep and pee, let your body and the Lord do the rest!!!