Thursday, July 1, 2010

Two Week Catch-Up

Ok, my lack of blogging is lame.

The last two weeks have gone by in a blur.

Here's a recap ...

The first week of summer, Jay & I spent 2 days sitting in a seminar that the state requires all teachers to take.

I DID learn some great stuff.

I also was highly entertained by the speakers.

One of our speakers said "right" 135 times in a 2 hour time frame.

And yah, I tallied it.

Another one said "um" 120 times in an hour and a 1/2.

You see?

Super entertaining!

I spent the next two days finishing my report cards, cleaning my classroom, and frantically driving my reports off to the mailing center before the "absolutely-not-past-this-deadline" deadline.

Once our work was done, we were able to break our new Nikon out of it's box.

It literally sat in it's box for 2 weeks before we opened it.

Such a crime.

Here's my first picture - a pretty flower in our front yard ...

We've been spending some of our summer evenings at my parents house. They live on Lake Washington.

The sunsets are breathtaking, the wildlife is amazing and the view is perfect ...

We took a quick trip to Spokane for Father's Day, Jay's birthday, and Tricia's wedding shower.

It was a really fun weekend and it was so nice to see Jay's family again.

Here's Jay taking Cooper on a walk on our drive to Spokane, rocking his summertime mohawk ...

Jay's sister Tricia and her beautiful daughter Tatum ...

I guess Jay took this when I wasn't aware, but I love this picture.

I also love this swing that Jay's parents have in their backyard.

Cooper is always near is mama ...

A lazy Sunday ... we passed Tatum around for lots of snuggles ...

The best part about summer is that all the neighborhood kids come out to play.

Here we are playing with sidewalk chalk with our neighbor Jadin ...

And then Jadin's daddy said it was time to pick up and go inside for the night ...

I hope you've all had a great few weeks.

More pictures and adventures to come!

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Ashley Julian said...

Wait, you have Allium in your front yard? I'm jealous. And nice photo taking with your awesome new camera!