Monday, February 14, 2011

love & giggles

The kids filled my heart with warmth, love and giggles today ...

Student: Mrs. Stookey, will you be here on your birthday?
Me: I'm pretty sure I will be. Why?
Student: Because I was thinking it might be nice for you to go on a vacation for your birthday.
Me: Well what a sweet thought.
Student: Like me. I went to Hawaii for my birthday.
Me: Well ... where do you think I should go?
Student: Somewhere hot. Like I like Hawaii because I like to swim in the pool.
Me: What do you think I would like?
Student: I think you would like a hot state.
Me: Can you give me some examples of hot states?
Student: Well there's NEW Mexico, and PLAIN Mexico ... Hawaii that I already told you about. OH, I know ... you could also go to Florida!
Me: I LOVE Florida ... that's a GREAT idea.
Student: And you could visit my Grandma.
Me: What an excellent idea.
Student: You could look for her house, knock on her door, and she's say, "well what's your name?" and then she'd invite you in. She likes to invite people in.
Me: It all sounds lovely. Anything else?
Student: I think that's all about the states that are hot.


Student A: Is that a picture of your boat?
Student B: Yes.
Student A: You have YOUR OWN boat?
Student B: Yes.
Student A: You have enough money for a boat?
Student B: I guess.
Student A: Well, how much monies does it cost?

Happy Valentine's Day friends!

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