Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What's YOUR Number?

One of my students had been going to the bathroom quite a lot.

I was starting to get worried - he'd been having stomach aches, had been missing some school, and I wanted to make sure he was feeling okay.

Student: Mrs. Stookey, can I go to the bathroom?
Me: Come here for a minute ... (student walks up to my desk) ... you've been going to the bathroom A LOT today ... you just went 30 minutes ago. Are you feeling okay?
Student (holding his stomach): Yes, I'm okay.
Me: Have you been going #1 or #2?
Student: What do you mean?
Me: When you go potty, are you going #1 or #2?
Student (LONG pause to think): Um ... I think I've been doing #3.

So cute ... he had NO IDEA what #1 and #2 were!

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