Monday, February 9, 2009

I Wish ...

... the 3day Breast Cancer walk wasn't so expensive.

It's on my Bucket List.

I considered doing it this year.

I considered it strongly.

When I saw how much money I'd have to raise ...

... quite frankly ...

I'd rather raise that money and go back to Africa.


Someday for both.


Diane Davis said...

how much does one have to raise for that event? i'm curious. maybe someday we can walk it together. :)

Lisa said...

$2,300 is the minimum.

I'd love to walk it with you.

Or we can go to Africa together.


Couggal44 said...

My BFF Jen has done the 3-day twice and been a volunteer twice. She loves it and says it's one of the most rewarding things she's ever done. She lives over near you...I should get you two together if you want to chat someone up about it. She never has a problem raising the money...people always give above and beyond!

Lisa said...

Thanks Rian ... what bothers me is for that much money ... I can go back to Africa which is where my heart leads me.

I was thinking the 3day would be around $1000 ... so when I found out it was $2300 ... all I could think of was Africa!

We'll see ... maybe someday.

Until then ... I'll continue to save for Africa. xoxo