Thursday, October 8, 2009

I Fell In

Did you know there is a black hole in space?

Did you think I fell in?

Blogher did! They cancelled my ads because my blogging was so lacking.

I'm happy to report that I'm very much still alive.

I unexpectedly took a short hiatus from blogging.


But nonetheless .... I'm back!

When September rolled in, it also rolled in the new school year.

During the summer, my life goes about 15 mph. When school starts and I go back to work, I go from 15 mph to 150 mph in a matter of a day. It always takes some time to adjust back to long work days and rallying twenty-three 6 year-olds all day.

I think I'm ready to resurface and join the blogging world again.


In an effort to get caught up to speed, I'll share a few things that happened in September. These may or may not be interesting to you. Regardless, they kept me busy & away from blogging. Think of them as my excuses for being absent.
  • My allergies have been OUT OF CONTROL. I went through a few week phase where I had to use my inhaler every day. That was NOT fun. I went back to my allergy doctor and they are currently under control (my allergies, not my doctor). :)
  • My school year started off very rough. I have a student in a wheel chair and she came with absolutely NO HELP! I was outraged. Not for me, but for her. My first day ended in tears. Many of you know that I taught Special Ed for 4 years before getting into the regular ed classroom. I was appalled and outraged. I was armed with the law & my knowledge on my side. I threw a fit. "Professional fit" of course. And I'm happy to report that I have a PARA (who I LOVE!) in my room 4 hours a day to help my student.
  • We have had a gagillion meetings (not really, but that's how it feels when I think back to all the meetings I've attended in my PJ's) for our upcoming Pictures For A Purpose. We've all been busy planning and organizing and praying. I am SO EXCITED for our event. It is THIS Saturday! We DOUBLED our sittings from last year and they have ALL FILLED! We are so blessed and pleased that so many kind-hearted people want to support ENDING Human Trafficking!
  • I am officially a Football Widow. Football is in full swing and Jay is busy with his coaching duties. It has been fun watching and supporting him lead his boys and being able to witness him do what he truly loves to do.
  • Weddings, weddings, weddings. We threw a bridal shower for my brother and Erica with my parents in early September. I also attended a couple wedding showers. My cousin is getting married next weekend. My brother and Erica are getting married the week after. I won't mention that our bridesmaid dresses aren't in yet. And that the wedding is in 15 days. And they all need to be altered still. Nope. I won't mention that at all.
  • My beautiful cousin Jenna turned 30th on September 22nd and she had a really fun party at her parents house. It was fun to see family members we don't get to see often, and meet some of Jenn's friends who keep her sane & happy up in Canada.
  • Jay's sister is pregnant and getting married in August.
  • Jay's brother proposed to his girlfriend. They have set a wedding date for the week after Jay's sister gets married. Looks like it's going to be a busy August of a growing Stookey family!
And now, for your viewing entertainment. Think of it as a "gift" for still reading this post. I will attach a few pictures that Google thought I might enjoy for my blog post when I googled "Where have I been?" ...

I have no explanation for this search result ...

Freaking saaaaweet mullet ...

Who is this guy? And yah, "where has he been?" THAT'S a valid question!

This picture is just plain priceless ...


mrsmouthy said...

I never did that summer-to-school transition well. There was always much wailing and rending of clothes. Good for you for getting a para for your wheelchair student! You rock!

Woah, my word verification is "dedly"

Kelly M said...

Thank you for this blog post! You're hilarious! I'm glad you're still alive.