Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Temptation was not my friend today.

I went to Target after work today.

I needed two specific things:
1. A strapless bra for bridesmaid dress I'm wearing next weekend.
2. A pair of pants that fit me.

I ended up walking out with a bag of Fritos.

That's it.

Temptation won.

Go figure.


Anyone have a pair of pants and a strapless bra I can borrow?


Anonymous said...

Honey, you have total access to my closet and my undies drawer. Really.

Julia (like, Robby's mom)

Diane Davis said...

oh friend, i don't think temptation won at all. try being me... going in for two items and walking out $250 later...

Kelly M said...

Fritos sound delicious right now. Mmm. Also, I do have a strapless bra if you want to borrow it.