Friday, April 30, 2010

Crop Dusting - Take 2

I recently posted THIS about Crop Dusting.

A fellow blogger, Renee has some experience and I love that she shared her perspective on this issue:
"I ran an almond facility in California (25 million lbs a year)...I have my applicator license and we treat almonds with a safe pesticide that has 0 residual (we test)...I have also had a ton of dealings with Organic product...ALL organic product coming in from the fields had 16-25% insect damage and live/invested deliveries...where there is insects and insect damage there is also a MUCH HIGHER risk of ecoli, salmonella and aflatoxin....all things I KNOW are much more dangerous than pesticide that dissipates over a controlled period of time....just something to think about....either way has it's drawbacks. I love that people (you) think about what they put in their tummies...and talk about it...each person gets to make their own choices and I more than respect your choice to choose Organic."
Thanks Renee for sharing your perspective with us.

It certainly sheds new light on the issue.

I just love this about the blogging world.

Learning from each other.

Sharing our stories.

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Jessie said...

umm - when I think about crop dusting, I think about people who fart...and then spread the smell cause they are walking around. Clearly...I am very disturbed.