Monday, April 26, 2010

A Family Weekend

Jay and I had a great weekend in Spokane.

Jay's grandpa passed away and we made the trip to Spokane to spend time with his family and attend his Grandpa's service.
The service was held on Friday afternoon, which was sunny and beautiful and perfect.

Grandpa had a military grave-side burial which was absolutely beautiful.

Two members of the navy performed the flag ceremony and taps.

Oh yah, and I bawled like a baby.

And two of his uncles got pooped on by birds.

That was some much-needed comic relief.

On Saturday, we went to Kole's soccer game.

Nothing like seeing four year-old's running up and down a grassy field.

And fist-pumping when they get a goal.

Entertainment for sure.

Though Cooper wasn't too amused.

Here he is, looking the OPPOSITE DIRECTION as the soccer field (keeping attention isn't his best quality).

We spent the rest of the weekend lovin' up Tatum and taking naps.

Tatum sleeping ...

And sleeping ...

Oh ... and look at this!

Susie & Cooper sleeping!

Susie is Jay's brother's fiance and I can't WAIT for us to be sisters!

It was a fun weekend.


Ashley said...

Sounds like fun... I wish I was there... Oh wait, I was in Spokane!! We could have seen each other had the lazy bones at the Stookey house made it to the super fun four year old t-ball game! Kole did wrestle a kid on his team to get the ball! Also, I wish I could have seen my dad get pooped on! Classic!

Lisa said...

seriously ... i tried with all my might.

and i'm pretty sure i annoyed more then one person with my energy to GET GOING!


i tried!

Krissie said...

That picture of Susie and Copper is adorable. I don't know who I am more jealous of, Susie or Copper.