Friday, April 16, 2010

Totally Lured By His Charm

I have one student in particular that is ALWAYS cracking me up. I love his little 6 year-old humor. It's so advanced. I love that he always "gets" my adult humor. I'll tell a joke in class and all the kids will just stare at me dead-pan.

But not this guy.

He gets it.

Gets it people.

He is the same handsome man in THIS picture from a recent lunch date.

Today was lunch date #2.

Here is today's conversation while on his way out to recess ...
Me: Have a good recess buddy. Have fun playing.
Student: I'm only going to the computer lab.
Me: Oh, how come you don't go out and play?
Student: Well, because I'm pretty lazy if you ask me.
Me (laughing): Oh, is that right?
Student: Yah, most days I'm pretty lazy past 9 pm.
Me: Do you mean 9 am?
Student: No, 9 pm
Me: Well 9 pm is pretty late. I'm lazy after that time too.
Student: Some days when I haven't had a lot of excitement yet, I'm pretty lazy all day.

And yesterday ...
Student: I got in trouble last night during bed time.
Me: Oh oh, what happened.
Student: Well, it was bed time and I just couldn't settle down.
Me: And then what happened?
Student: My mom came in and said, "Stop being so agnoxious!"

And also yesterday ...
While the kids were quietly working on a writing project, this little cutie came up to my desk and said
Student: Hello, I'm here to schedule something.
Me (totally confused and smitten at the same time - he's a charmer I tell ya): What are you here to schedule?
Student: I'd like to teach the kids how to make snowflakes.
Me: Oh, that sounds like fun! Well ... we'll try to work it into our schedule this week.
Student: How does Friday afternoon sound?


jordan jensen said...

I am dying. These are my favorite posts of yours. I love when you write about your students. This is so funny!

Anonymous said...

I miss teaching. Thanks for loving teaching for me while I'm away.