Monday, April 19, 2010


This picture is posted without permission.

My cousin is pretty reserved in her public life and would never brag about herself.

So I will!

She is a super smart, beautiful, energetic, positive, carefree, and selfless woman.

She is also my best friend.

My students LOVE IT when she visits.

She starts out talking about seaweed, and every time, the kids veer her towards diving.

Which changes to sharks.

Which ultimately changes to shark attacks.

Cuz you know ... they're 6 years-old.

And sharks are WAY cooler than seaweed.

Here is a picture of her up in Vancouver, doing what she does best.

Which I'm not entirely sure I even understand.

But here's my take on it:

She's getting her PhD right now and my guess is she's studying different forms of seaweed.

Might have to do with seaweed reproduction.

I've probably totally missed the mark.

Regardless, I love this picture of her.

This is where she is truly in her element, totally at peace, and happy.

The beach.

Surrounded by some stealer seaweed.

As her dog looks on.

Love you Jenna!

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Anonymous said...

Awwwww.... thanks cuzzy/sissy!