Monday, April 13, 2009

A Case Of The Mondays

Allow me to get this off my chest before school starts ...

Mornings disagree with me.

Monday mornings hate me.

Monday mornings after being on vacation all week despise me.

And I despise them.

Let me recap my morning to you so far.

Keep in mind it's only 8:25 am:
  • Spilled my breakfast down my shirt. My white shirt. Had to change it.
  • Dropped, and then sufficiently lost my birth control pill.
  • Cell phone broke.
  • Spilled coffee down the entire length of my khaki pants. Have to wear them all day.
  • Figured out the the wrong lid is on my coffee cup. After spilling it all over my hands and coat sleeves.
  • Forgot my work keys.
  • Broke the base to my work phone.
  • Threw up in my mouth.
Please ... PLEASE. I want the rest of the day to go smoother.



Suzi said...

Dude... you threw up in your mouth? Oh, ick! Monday is almost over......

Sarah said...

Ouch... sorry Picy. Hope tomorrow morning is a great one xo