Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Die Cut Stickers

I am so proud of my brother.

In 2001, Danny started Die Cut Stickers. It's a bustling company with employees, notoriety and quality products.

Click HERE for their website.

Click HERE for their blog.

Give him a call for any of your print media needs!

If you throw my name out there he might give you a screaming deal.

Here are some examples of the work they do ...

(Diecut, Screenprint & Digital)

Yes ... they do stickers for Nike.


Window Decals

Marine & Boat


Car & Truck Graphics

Print Media

They also do business cards, WN numbers for boats, and so much more.

Check 'em out!


Eve said...

Very cool! I have been thinking about putting my buisness name and logo on my van - now I know who I will call when I'm ready.

becky said...

That's cool, I see there is a stickher/logo for Babycenter.com, I have been frequenting that site a bit lately (wonder why?)! Cool for him!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the prop's sissy:) Did you ever check out the Krochet Kids' website! Cool client of our huh? Love you! Your broskeeeeeee.