Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Crazy Town

One of my students wouldn't stop playing with his name tag today.

He kept pulling the tape off.

Flicking the tape with his fingers.




I'm tellin ya ... when tape is flicked, its VERY loud.

I was reading a book this afternoon when the flicking began again.

Why was this tape-flicking driving me so crazy today!?!

I stopped reading.

Looked at the boy.

And said the following:
"I've asked you many times to stop flicking your tape.
It's driving me CRAZY!
I don't want to go crazy.
And trust me.
You don't want me to go crazy either.
Because if you send me to Crazy Town ... I'm taking you with me!"

Then we all laughed.

And the flicking stopped.

Laughing never felt so great.

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