Thursday, April 23, 2009

Daily Humor

I have a student who always says funny things.

Here is one from last week ...
(Walking the kids to the bus in the afternoon)
Me: What a beautiful day!
Student: Yah, it's really sunny outside.
Me: I think I'll take Cooper on a walk when I get home.
Student: Our you could run. And get some exercise.
Me: Nah ... I think I'll walk (exercise is so overrated!)

And one from today ...
(As I'm walking out of the staff room after recess)
Student: What is that?
Me: M&M's and almonds.
Student: Is that your snack?
Me: No. Not really. It's not very good for me.
Student: Oh. I know what you mean. Like you weren't planning on eating it ... it's a surprise. Like you saw it and it looked good.

I love that he 'gets' me. :)

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