Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Good News, Bad News

GOOD NEWS: We have new neighbors that are super cool!
BAD NEWS: Our houses are 8 ft away from each other.
GOOD NEWS: He is a beverage rep and gave us a box ... yes a box of wine yesterday.
BAD NEWS: They have three small dogs.
GOOD NEWS: It's fun to have a young couple in the neighborhood with us.
BAD NEWS: Their dogs bark 24/7.
GOOD NEWS: I'm running out of good news
BAD NEWS: Every time ... every time Cooper goes outside, their 3 dogs bark hysterically. Like they want to eat him. EAT HIM people!
GOOD NEWS: I've got nothing.
BAD NEWS: Another neighbor came over to my house yesterday to complain about the barking. I said, "It's not Cooper, it's THEM" (be sure to say 'them' like 'them' is a disease that spreads quickly).
GOOD NEWS: hmmm ...
BAD NEWS: Their dogs woke me up from my nap today.
BAD NEWS: Cooper no longer wants to go outside. He slinks behind my legs. My dog is apparently afraid of small dogs. Go figure.

This should be interesting.


Kelly M said...

Oh yay! I'm super excited for you to be friends with them and in five years be sitting around your backyard having a barbeque and say something like, "You know, when you first moved in, we weren't sure about your dogs" and have a good laugh!

Nicole said...

That does stink! little dogs yapping is so annoying.

but I really just wanted to tell you that you and jay are so cute.

Angel said...

I know--give them 3 bark collars as a housewarming gift! haha That probably wouldn't go over well. Maybe you could get a super soaker and spray them each time they barked....hmmm probably would get arrested for that one. Hope it gets better for you :)

Joe said...

I'm glad we didn't make the list.

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute--is that a box of nice wine, or is it wine that is dispensed from a box?

Lisa said...

oh ... good question. it's a box of wine ... as in a CASE of wine. 12 bottles of yummyness!