Thursday, May 20, 2010

Guess Who?

Guess who finished her LAST paper?

Guess who is DONE with school?

Guess who has a social life now?

Guess who doesn't have to get bills from SPU anymore?

Guess who can do fun activities again?

Guess who gets to read a pleasure book if she wants?

Guess who can surf the web instead of type a paper?

Guess who doesn't have to document student work anymore?

Guess who can enjoy life without stress (that might be pushing it - but give it to me today)?

Guess who has time to blog again?

Guess who won't be swearing at her computer (as much) anymore?

Guess who feels free ... free as a bird!

Guess who!?!


Faith said...



Steph said...

Oh! Pick me! Pick me! I know! I know!! Congrats!

joni said...

Take a little time to figure out how you will fill that space...doing something you love! Congrats to freedom. Maybe join a book group...