Thursday, May 6, 2010


I was totally planning on writing a post about why I haven't written lately.

I have some really good reasons.

Mainly just "life" getting in the way.

Busy schedules, papers due, grading, work, deadlines ... stuff.

Stuff that gets in the way of time to sit down, process and write.

But then I saw this magazine cover and it quickly snapped me back into Blogging Mode.

Because really ... I couldn't just let this opportunity pass by ...

First of all ... make sure you read the title.

"Eric & Rebecca: Meet our Baby Girl!"


Because when I see this cover, here are some headlines that I think of
  • "Look at us! We're naked!"
  • "Hey everyone ... see my abs?"
  • "I'm naked. And oh yah, I had a baby too."
  • "I'm holding a baby, in case you missed that."
  • "I'm looking SUPER serious right now, but really, all I'm thinking about are my wife's naked breasts on my back"
  • "For privacy reason, we don't want you to see our baby's face ... so here is my naked body to appease you."
  • "What baby? Look at me!"

Is it just me?

What would you title this picture?


jordan jensen said...

of the work, look at me... who cares about her... i am the more important parent" OR "oh hey, what about me back here, do i matter?" WOW!

Kelly M said...

Um, I can almost guarantee you that his wife's naked breasts are not against his back. Just sayin' that sounds horribly uncomfortable. Also, did you catch that her middle name is Beatrice?

"Lucky" said...

Hey, my eyes are up here. Quit looking down there.

You need to grab a tissue; you're drooling.

Men are more attractive if they have a puppy, a baby or no clothes on.

You didn't notice my wife is on the cover with me, did you? Neither did I.