Thursday, May 20, 2010

I Have This Friend ...

I have this friend who is an amazing cook.

Like seriously.

She has a What's Cookin' 2nite section at the end of every daily blog post.

And I'm constantly waiting to be invited over to her house to indulge in something grand and tantalizing to the taste buds.

With my college career over for a while - starting last night - (yipee!) I decided to really cook a meal tonight.

Many of you know that my mom is an amazing chef - as are all my aunts.

I have huge shoes to fill.

I'm a great baker - but my cooking skills are still a work in progress (though Jay thinks I'm a great cook - and really - what else can a girl ask for?).

However, I'm pretty confident that I filled those big shoes tonight.

So ... Rachel ... here you go girl ...

What's Cookin' 2nite:
Bean, Corn, and Tortilla Salad
Peanut-Crusted Chicken Breasts
Couscous with Carrots and Cilantro (fresh from my garden, thank you very much)

Bean, Corn, and Torilla Salad

Peanut-Crusted Chicken Breasts

Couscous with Carrots and Cilantro
All the recipes (which are totally easy - unless you're Rachel - they were super complicated and probably shouldn't be duplicated) can be found in THIS cookbook that my friend Jordan gave me for my birthday.


Anonymous said...

Major yum! I'm glad you posted a cilantro recipe because I've got some growing and didn't have anything in mind.

As for coming the day. I mean it! I'm always looking for people to feed, and if you want you can even pick some of the things off of my what's cookin' section and plan your own meal.

Anonymous said...

Shoot, I thought the pictures would lead to the links. But the seed has been planted...