Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mother's Day

Hmm ... Mother's Day tomorrow.

Kind of a weird year for me.

I carried a baby in my belly, but don't have a baby to hold on this special holiday.

Feelings of "Am I really a mother if I don't have a baby?" run through my mind.

I know it's normal.

I've read many books on miscarriage and I know I'm not alone.

One of the teachers I work with wished me a happy mother's day.

So thoughtful and sweet.

Yet nearly brought me to my knees.

How will I feel tomorrow?

Going to allow myself to be sad if it's what I need.

Happy Mother's Day to my mom ... and ALL the mothers out there.

ALL of you.

Whether you have a baby to hold or not.

Love you to friends.



Renae said...

It's such a weird place to be - a little one in heaven but not here in our arms.

Sending you love & hugs!


Faith said...

You would like my friend, Cheri. She lives in CO and has some of the same struggles with you. She is fostering a bro/sis right now.

You are a mother. Your baby is just waiting for you in Heaven.


Steph said...

My best friend died 3 years ago today (mother's day) I spent a lot of today thinking about her 4 year old daughter not being able to celebrate Mom's Day with a mommy. I also thought alot about mommy's who didn't have children to celebrate with; mommy's who have lost kids at many stages. I rarely think about my m/c's but today was a day that I did. This is truly a day to appreciate moms and all the joys AND harships they endure. HUGS to you.