Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tee Off Against Trafficking 2010

The ladies did an unbelievable job
organizing Tee Off Against Trafficking this year.

- The venue was breathtaking -
- The scenery was gorgeous -
- Hearts were overflowing with generosity -

Thanks to all the hard work and generous golfers & attendees,
$45,000 - $50,000
will go directly to STOP Human Trafficking.

Enjoy these wonderful pictures, courtesy of my talented friend Carlee.

All the signs were made by my brother's company.
Thank you for the generous donation Danny!

Look at Jay in the background -
hovering over Tanner & the puppy
(which I named Cuddle Bug).
Just like a proud papa.
Making sure his baby is okay.

We had the honor of babysitting Cuddle Bug overnight on Friday
until his new owner could take him home.
Cuddle Bug
(yes, I realize how nauseating that name is)
raised $1,000 to STOP Human Trafficking.
(This is me ... not wanting to let Cuddle Bug go!)

Way to go ladies!

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